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Seating view photos from seats at Rose Bowl, home of UCLA Bruins. See the view from your seat at Rose Bowl/5().
Giving you the best straight away views of the field at Rose Bowl Stadium from every level of seating. Sections 4, 5, 18 and 19 are where you will find some of the most ideal viewing angles to the very center of midfield, allowing you to sit comfortably without needing a big head turn to follow the action.
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Rose Bowl seating charts for all events including. Seating charts for UCLA Bruins/5().
What are the best seats in Manchester Arena?

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Like many college stadiums, the Rose Bowl has both bleacher seating and full seats. The sections that provide seat backs are along the sidelines in sections and These seats are obviously more comfortable and have more leg room than the bleacher seat sections.

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Features 2 car garage, fireplace, basement, kitchen appl. She now knew what it felt like in a physical sense; her own bonds were virtually identical to the restraints she had seen on some of those female prisoners. In a way she was worse off, she had no clothes on, but like them she was helpless, completely at the mercy of her captors, though in Sue Ann's case there were no real guards controlling her. Stopping yet again to rest her legs, she closed her eyes, imagining her upper arm held in the firm strong grip of some prison guard, a man who held the keys to her chains, someone who told her what to do and expected her to obey, someone who could coerce her to do his bidding.

Her hands clenched, she pulled against the steel rings gripping her wrists, all to no effect. She jerked on the leg chains, trying to spread her legs. The steel around each ankle proved to be stronger, they would not yield. She could struggle, try to break out of her bonds, but in the end she was still their prisoner. She could not fight; she could not flee; now she realized she could not resist either.

Both physically and mentally she would be helpless, defenseless against whoever took possession of her. Sue Ann opened her eyes and sighed, perhaps some day she would find someone like that, but for now she had more immediate concerns. She had to get to the car before dawn; she didn't want to be caught out on the road in daylight.

That would be too risky; if anyone came along she wouldn't be able to hide so easily. At night just stepping off the road and crouching down behind a bush or rock was enough, but in daylight she would stand out plainly from a distance. If she were discovered at best it would be horribly embarrassing, and at worst, well, she didn't want to think about that.

There were a lot of crazies in the world; just her luck if one came upon her tonight. Once again she tugged at the cuffs holding her wrists, no give, no surprise, she had picked well. Anyone who caught her like this could do as they pleased, even a five-year-old child could easily control her in her present state.

On and on she trudged up the road, a regular routine now, walk, rest, and a few more steps, stop again. How long had it been since she started? Three hours, four, more? She was getting a little thirsty. Did that one section of the sky seem lighter from a false dawn? She was starting to feel some pressure to get to the end of the road. Just as in her fantasy, the escaped prisoner struggling to reach her hideout, now she felt the need to speed up, to move faster. The longer she was out in the open, the greater the risk of detection.

Except that wasn't possible. No matter how much she wanted to pick up the pace, she could go no faster than the limit set by the length of chain between her ankles. If she tried to run, she would fall flat on her face. If she didn't stop to rest, her calf muscles would eventually cramp and she would collapse on the road in agony. All at once she knew where she was, the particular S-shaped curve that was just below the end of the road at the mine. She had no more than a hundred yards left to go.

Yet again she stopped to rest, looking back over her shoulder. Still no light from the sun, apparently she had made better time than she imagined.

No headlights either, but she was close enough now she didn't have to worry about anyone else on the road. Even another hundred yards would take some time at her reduced pace, but she had the end in sight.

More or less, she thought, it was still dark out and she couldn't actually see the mine. Rest over, she started on the final segment of her journey, determined this time to go all the way without another stop, she was too close to freedom for any more delays.

Still, she didn't hurry, it would be foolish to trip and fall so close to her goal. It seemed to take forever to cross that last stretch of road, but finally she was at the mine entrance, she could see the outline of the shaft doors. Her car would be to the left around a small hill. She headed in that direction, feeling for the edge of the road, following it around to her car. And there it was, finally, her car parked right in front of her.

All she had to do now was open the door, pick up the keys on the seat, then unlock the chains that bound her body. She had done it, walked the entire distance shackled hand and foot, without being caught. She did have a new found appreciation for just how effective handcuffs and leg irons could be.

She had put some extra clothes in the trunk of the car; this late at night the desert air up in the hills was cooler than she had thought. It was getting chilly with no clothes on. She had forgotten how the temperature in the desert dropped at night, even in low hills like the mine location. A bottle of water and a sandwich was packed in with her clothes too; they would taste good following her self-imposed ordeal. But first she had to get these chains off. She felt like she had been on a thirty-mile hike, not an easy four-mile jaunt.

Her legs burned from the unaccustomed exertions, her shoulders ached from her arms pinned behind her back. Even her back felt sore from the strain of balancing her walking without the use of her arms. She promised herself a long soak in a tub of hot water and smelly bath oils once she got home. She could stretch out in the tub and let the heat from the warm water relax overworked muscles. Sue Ann walked around to the driver's side, her back to the door in order to reach the handle with her cuffed hands.

She opened the door, leaning to one side to get the door past her. The inside light came on, bright to her dark adjusted eyes. She moved up to the edge of the doorway, preparing to bend down and pick up the keys, then stopped in shock.

The seat was empty, no keys in sight. Frantically she looked on the floor; maybe she had knocked them off by accident when she had left earlier.

She checked the back seat, everywhere she could see, no keys. She felt panic starting to rise, where had the keys gone? She stood next to the open driver side door, in a pool of light coming from the overhead.

She looked around, seeing nothing but empty desert around her. For sure no one had passed her on the road, and no one had been here when she arrived.

Someone had to have taken them out of her car, but how, where was this person now? Was she being watched at this very moment? Standing in the pool of light from the car she realized she was fully exposed to anyone nearby; she pushed the door shut, cutting off the illumination. Don't panic, focus, focus , she thought to herself, take stock of your situation. The keys were gone, someone had to have taken them, but she still had a spare set at the shack.

Who ever had been here appeared to be gone now; she heard nothing, and nobody had approached her. She leaned against the side of the car, trying to concentrate. She wasn't stranded in the desert; she could still walk back to the shack, though it would take hours and leave her exhausted.

No keys, no water, no food, no clothes, she felt her panic rising again. She walked around to the back of the car to see if the trunk had been opened. She backed up to the rear fender, bent down and tried to open the trunk, but it was closed.

Standing up she looked around again. She needed a few minutes to regain her composure, to calm down and assess her situation. The breeze from the mountaintops, or maybe barely suppressed panic, made her shiver. First, she needed to get out of the cold. She walked back to the driver's door, again turned and opened it with her bound hands, then sat down sideways in the car seat. It was awkward not using her hands and arms, but she managed to turn and place her legs under the wheel.

Even if she had the ignition key she couldn't have driven with her wrists locked in cuffs, but at least she was warm. An errant thought, if she were a real prisoner and a guard had fastened her seat belt, she would be trapped in the car seat, unable to reach the buckle to open it.

She couldn't reach the car door to shut it, and she didn't know if she could reach the door handle from the inside anyway. She was concerned about the light, but it did help to calm her. How could the keys have disappeared? She had taken every precaution, she had been certain she was alone.

But someone had to have been here, what else could have happened? There were few animals out here in the desert, besides she had rolled up all the windows. She looked around to make sure, and her heart fell as she saw the one rear passenger side window open several inches. It was more than enough for a packrat to get in and out, a packrat who would love something bright and shiny. Mentally she kicked herself, and then laughed. She should have known better, she had come across packrat nests all too often when searching for petroglyphs.

The nests close to public areas always had bits of metal or foil. Tonight some lucky packrat had found a real treasure and inadvertently left her stuck. Bad enough, but at least it wasn't human intervention after all. She had been frightened at the thought there was someone watching her in her present circumstance.

She smiled; those web sites on the Internet always stressed safety, planning alternative escape routes. Bet they never had to deal with inquisitive wildlife. Good thing she still had her fallback. It would be a long walk back to the shed, at least partly in daylight. And with no clothes she would get a spectacular sunburn if she was out in the sun for too long. The longer she sat in the car, the longer it would take to get back to the shed.

At least no packrat would carry off her lockbox; it was too heavy and awkward for a small animal. Fortunately she had the foresight to put her spare car keys with the cuff keys; otherwise it was a further twenty mile hike to the highway.

If she hadn't set out that second set of keys she would be looking at walking all day stripped and in chains, somehow getting past the gate and fence, then waiting on the highway till someone drove by. And after all that the explanations of how she came to be standing there naked and heavily shackled.

No, she didn't even want to think about that possibility. She had forgotten about the fence. The gate was out of sight of the highway. No one would be able to see her. The problem was the gate was locked and the chain link fence extended up the hills into the rocks on either side. She couldn't climb over it and she wouldn't be able to go around it.

She swung her legs out of the car and stood up, then pushed the door closed. She would wait for her eyes to adjust to the dark, and then start back down the path to the shack. It was still chilly but tolerable now that she had calmed down.

It would be better for her to move at night as much as possible. She walked around to the other side of the car. She had to go around the small hill concealing her car then she would be on the road in the right direction.

As she stepped away from the car she heard a metallic tinkling sound. She stopped, was it the rattle of the connecting chain on her leg irons? No, she still heard the sound behind her. She turned around just as the flashlight came on, momentarily blinding her. She heard a man's voice ask, "Would you be looking for these keys? Sue Ann was paralyzed with fear and shock.

Her worst nightmare come true, she had been discovered. She stood in the glare of the flashlight like a deer frozen in headlights.

She couldn't move or speak. The bright beam blinded her, she couldn't see who was standing behind it. Panic seized her, she started to turn and flee, her only thought was to cover herself and run away. The first step brought her tumbling back to reality as the leg irons grabbed her ankles, stopping her flight before it even began. In her terror she had forgotten her bonds.

She staggered, off balance, and then began to fall. She tried to reach out to break the impact, but her hands remained secured behind her back. A hand grabbed her upper arm, halting her fall. She managed to get her feet back under her and regained her balance, only to trip up on the leg cuffs again as the man forcibly spun her around and pushed her face down onto the hood of her car. The impact stunned her; she would have dropped to the ground except the stranger was holding her pinned against the car.

I know what you are doing out here, I've been watching you since you arrived. This is what will happen now. You are going to do exactly what I tell you. Sue Ann was hypnotized by it, listening to every word. He grabbed the chain linking her wrists together, yanked on it. Don't even try to defy me; you are in no position to do anything except obey. Don't try to move or speak, keep your head down. And don't be so foolish as to try and run away. You've done a good job on yourself, you know you can't get away from me.

I have the keys now. When, or if you are released depends entirely on what I decide to do. I hold your freedom in my hand. It wasn't supposed to happen like this, Sue Ann thought. She had been very careful, planned in detail for every contingency.

He had her bent over the hood of the car, her head turned to one side facing away from the windshield. She managed to get her legs under her again, but she couldn't move. She couldn't think, something deep inside her mind had roused. The man stood up, no longer pinning her against the car, but she was still incapable of movement or speech. His voice had taken control of her.

All she could focus on were his words, she felt compelled to obey him. In some small part of her brain a voice was saying it was just a defense mechanism because of her vulnerable condition, nude and tightly bound. Probably something she had studied in a psychology class from college days, but it made no difference. For the moment this faceless stranger had fully dominated her, physically and mentally. She stood up as he held onto her arms, never wavering her gaze, eyes fixed straight ahead.

He covered her eyes with a scarf or some kind of bandana, tying it in a knot behind her head. A simple but effective blindfold, she couldn't reach it with her hands. He checked it, then turned her around to face him. She could sense his presence very close to her, a glimmer of light from the flashlight crept in from the edge of the blindfold. Sue Ann felt her cheeks blush and lowered her head. She was acutely aware of just how exposed she must appear to him. She felt his hand on her as he grabbed the lock holding her waist chain in the front.

He pulled at it, checking to make sure the padlock wouldn't open by itself. He turned her, then reached back and tested the handcuffs on her wrists. He pulled at the ring holding the cuffs to her waist, determining how much play she had, and the limits to her reach. He had one hand on her cuffs, she felt the other on her leg as he knelt to test the leg irons around her ankles. Quality make, secure, very difficult to remove without the key.

You have the shorter length chain on your ankle cuffs, an odd choice. It must have been especially difficult to walk all that distance.

The waist chain is a nice touch in combination with the handcuffs. Far more effective than simple cuffs behind the back, but you already know that, don't you? She could only nod in agreement; he had not given her permission to speak. She heard the car door next to her open. He grabbed her arm, led her around to the open door. She sat down, sideways in the seat. He picked up her legs and helped her turn to sit facing forward.

She felt the seat belt across her waist as he buckled it around her and then pulled the belt strap tight. He did the same with the shoulder strap, effectively tying her down in the car seat. Just as she thought, without hands the seat belt and shoulder strap made a most effective seat restraint.

She couldn't see or hear where he was, but she knew better than to try twisting in the seat to reach the seat belt buckle. He was right; she had done well, too well.

Until she could somehow get out of her chains she had no choice but to do whatever he told her. The fact she had been blindfolded was actually a good sign.

If he intended to murder her he wouldn't have bothered to conceal his identity. She did look at her situation realistically.

She was isolated, powerless, nude, and completely controlled by a faceless stranger, someone who seemed intent on using that control to his advantage. He could act with impunity; there was nothing to link his identity to her. He could throw her on the ground, rape her to his heart's content, and what would she tell the police?

That she had been attacked while innocently standing out in the open stripped and locked in chains, at a remote desert mine? Oh yeah, they would take that seriously, she thought to herself. That was assuming she would ever get out of this alive. It would be just as easy for him to rape her then toss her down a mineshaft. She still couldn't hear him.

The car cut off sounds from outside. Somehow she knew he was still there, watching her. Time to rethink her plan; she pondered what she could do.

Her immediate course of action was simple, do whatever he told her. Whatever was coming might not be pleasant, but as long as she was alive and in one piece she could live through it. Wasn't that the advice the experts always gave? Cooperate with your attacker, don't fight back.

That was ironic; resisting wasn't an option when trussed up with handcuffs. Providing she could survive the next few minutes, she decided she would try to get him to remove some of the restraints, or at least take off the waist chain. Any little bit of freedom she could gain from him would give her a better opportunity to escape. If she could get her hands in front, and somehow get hold of the car keys, she was sure she could drive even in handcuffs and leg irons.

What she would do once she escaped was another matter. The driver side door opened, she heard him get in and sit down next to her, then shut the door. He checked her seat belt and shoulder strap to see if they had been loosened, then he verified her restraints were still locked onto her. His hands touched her body as he tested her bonds, sometimes lingering a bit too long.

She tensed at his touch, but found she could not draw away. She was terrified but at the same time very calm. Nothing she could do would change what he was going to do to her; it was as if she had become an object he owned.

Continue to face forward, do not turn your head, and make no sound. For now you will sit quietly and listen to me. Her heart raced, but she forced herself to remain still. You don't know who I am, what kind of a person I might be. All you know is I have the keys, the keys to your freedom. Right now, right this moment, I own you. Something you don't want to admit is in you. Something that drove you to come out here tonight? Sue Ann reeled in an inner turmoil. How could he have known?

His words had torn away the illusion of calm resignation. Own he had said, and at that moment he captured her real emotions in a single word. The secret behind her fascination with bondage, with watching the prisoners at the jail, even her adventure tonight, all came down to some feeble attempt on her part to feel owned, completely, totally, by someone whom she could not influence in any way.

Entirely by chance this man had seized not only her body but her mind, her soul as well. She felt a wave of desire sweep over her, more than anything in this world she wanted this man, to please him, to serve him any way he demanded of her, with nothing in return for herself. She wanted to be used, to be possessed, treated as property. Her own body betrayed her as her nipples hardened, triggered by sexual desire. Thoughts of escape vanished; the last thing she wanted now was to be separated from…she didn't even know his name.

Who he was didn't matter now; she didn't care. All she knew was that she was his prisoner, his captive love slave, his to do with as he pleased. He pulled back, laughing. She gasped uncontrollably, arching her back between the shoulder strap and seat, struggling to touch him with her imprisoned hands.

Settle down, face front, no sound. She wanted to plead with him, tell him how she felt, beg him to touch her again, to use her, but his command silenced her as effectively as a tight leather gag.

He traced a finger along her leg. She clenched her manacled hands into fists, struggling to control herself. His touch felt like fire. It was all she could do not to scream out her passion.

He leaned close to her, speaking in a low voice close to her ear, "Lucky for you I was the one that found you. Someone else might have left you out here, or tried to help by rescuing you from your predicament. You don't want someone to come along and take these off. Whatever happens, you couldn't help yourself. No control, no responsibility. That's what you want, isn't it? Sue Ann nodded meekly. She wanted to shout out her need, beg him to take her.

Everything in her fantasy had come true with a startling speed. Here she was, the prisoner tightly restrained in chains, controlled, no, dominated by a powerful yet entirely unknown man. If only he would allow her to speak. She nodded; maybe he would lift his prohibition now and allow her to talk. I'm enjoying this, you know? It's not every day an attractive woman walks up to me naked and in chains.

One piece of advice, if you try something like this again don't go overboard on the restraints. Your setup would be fine if someone else was here with you, but by yourself it's too dangerous. What would you have done if the keys had really disappeared? Do you think you could make a twenty mile hike locked up like that?

Sue Ann shook her head. He was right, except he didn't know about her other set of keys down at the shed. He did have a point though, if she had jammed a key trying to get the handcuffs off she would have been in serious trouble, even life threatening.

What concerned her most were his intentions now. She really didn't need a safety lecture, but she wasn't going to tell him that. In fact it looked like she wasn't going to tell him anything unless he allowed her to talk. I'm going to unlock your handcuffs to relieve some of the strain on your arms. As I release each wrist, you will place your hands in front of you, a palm on each knee.

Not only that, you'll have a long walk all the way back to the highway. Oh yeah, I know about the extra keys in the shed too. He did know; so much for her half-formed idea to make some kind of escape. He unbuckled the seat belt and shoulder strap, and then made her lean forward in the seat. His hand was on her left wrist as he inserted the key and turned it to unlock the cuff. He pulled her wrist free of the steel bracelet and brought her arm around, placing her hand on her left knee.

He freed her other wrist and brought it around, again placing her right hand on her right knee. He left the open handcuffs dangling from the ring on her waist chain. She hadn't realized how sore her shoulders had become. It felt like she had been carrying hundred pound weights all day. She wanted to stretch, rub her wrists, but it seemed as if her hands were glued to her knees. She took his implied threat all too seriously; she dare not move either hand. You will remain as you are now.

Face straight ahead; do not turn your head to either side, and do not move your hands. I am going to stand up for a few minutes outside the car. While I do that, you will slowly count backwards from one hundred, out loud so I can hear you.

If you go too fast, or if I hear you miss a number, I will make you start over. Disobey me and you will spend all day hogtied in the trunk of the car, then I'll leave you by the side of the highway the same way. She started counting, ", 99, 98…" She thought about being left in her car trunk all day.

The heat would be miserable, and then to be left along the highway too. No, she concentrated on her assignment, carefully pronouncing each number so he could hear it.

For all she knew he was standing just outside her door, watching every move she made. Sue Ann continued to count down. It seemed to take forever, but he still hadn't stopped her. What was he doing? All she had to do was reach up and take the blindfold off. Except she still couldn't move. It wasn't chains holding her now; the invisible bonds created by a few words from him held her hands down as securely as the handcuffs. What would he have her do next? All the way through and he hadn't stopped her.

She felt warmth on her face. A few glimmers of sunlight worked past her blindfold. It must be dawn, she thought. She waited for her next task. Maybe he would drag her out of the car, throw her over the hood, and then use her roughly. Should she say something, tell him she had finished?

No, his instructions were only to count, nothing else. Best if she waited. She had no idea how long she had been waiting, sitting immobile in the car seat. It was definitely getting hot in the car, and her bladder was making demands. She couldn't wait much longer without making a mess in the car seat. She had to risk it. No answer, nothing but the quiet of the morning desert. I have to go to the toilet," she pleaded.

She didn't have too much time left. She took a deep breath, then reached up and took off the blindfold. The glare from the rising sun dazzled her eyes. She shielded them with one hand and looked all around. No sign of anyone. She opened her door and stepped out.

She still had those leg irons on. It was going to be a long walk back; she almost would have preferred he had taken the leg restraints off and left the handcuffs on. Looking around the mine site there was no sign of anyone else, not even tire tracks or footprints other than her own. She headed for the nearest bush to relieve herself.

He had left her in little better shape than when she had arrived at the car last night. No clothes, no car keys, and no cuff keys. If he knew about the extra set at the shed it was likely gone too. Even her bicycle would be useless with her ankles chained together. Her call of nature answered, she slowly walked back to the car, still hobbled. She did have one piece of clothing, the bandana he had used for a blindfold. It replaced the partially covered Texas Stadium , which served as the Cowboys' home from through the season.

The stadium is sometimes referred to as " Jerry's World " after Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones , who originally envisioned it as a large entertainment mecca. The maximum capacity of the stadium with standing room is , To aid Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones in paying the construction costs of the new stadium, Arlington voters approved the increase of the city's sales tax by 0.

The new stadium also includes "more than 3, Sony LCD displays throughout the luxury suites, concourses, concession areas and more, offering fans viewing options that extend beyond the action on the field". The retractable roof was designed by structural engineering firm Walter P Moore and the systems were implemented by mechanization consultants Uni-Systems. However, it can be covered by the retractable roof panel to protect against the elements. The football turf field was built by Hellas Construction.

They developed a special SoftTop Convertible Turf System that has 26 interchangeable panels to allow the stadium to host a variety of events from concerts, dirt bike and monster truck rallies to college football, basketball, and soccer games. The drawings also include a site for a large sculpture northeast of the stadium, close to Randol Mill Road. Mayor Robert Cluck claimed to use eminent domain as a last resort but most of the properties refused to sell to the city, indicating that the incentive program was not adequate according to Glenn Sodd, an attorney representing some home owners in the area.

Attorney Bob Cohen, who is representing some of the property owners, said the city gave many of his clients little incentive to sell. He said he represents the owners of some rental properties who were counting on that monthly revenue for their retirement and said most homeowners cannot afford to re-build or buy in that area with the incentive package.

It is claimed that the stadium uses more electricity than the whole of Liberia. Although the stadium had yet to sell naming rights , many fans started referring to the project with various nicknames such as JerryWorld , [38] [48] [49] [50] the " Death Star ", [51] "The Palace in Dallas" for which announcer Bob Costas was criticized by the Arlington mayor [52] , "Cowboys Cathedral", [53] "Jerrassic Park" and others.

The letters are made of lightweight components and aluminum and are insulated and heated to melt ice and snow. Trapasso hit the feet The punt deflected backwards and was ruled in-play until Titans coach Jeff Fisher informed the officials that the punt struck the scoreboard. By rule, the down was replayed. Jerry Jones believes that Trapasso was trying to hit the scoreboard, saying, "If you look at how you punt the football , unless you're trying to hit the scoreboard, you punt the ball to get downfield.

You certainly want to get some hangtime, but you punt the ball to get downfield, and you sure don't punt the ball down the middle. You punt it off to the side. For teams with strategies centered on maximizing hang-time, physicist Christopher Moore of Longwood University has shown via computer simulation that well-kicked punts have the potential to hit the screen no matter the field position. The screen was retrofitted with 16 custom winches using 11, feet 3.

On August 24, , Cowboys punter Chris Jones became the second player to hit the scoreboard. He conceded a touchdown on the re-kick. With an announced crowd of ,, the game became the highest-attended basketball game in history, setting a new Guinness World Record. The East squad prevailed with a — victory over the West.

On December 5, , the Texas Longhorns defeated the Nebraska Cornhuskers 13—12 in the Big 12 Championship Game , the first to be held in the stadium with attendance announced at 76, The stadium was scheduled to host the games through the season, but the realignment of the Big 12 Conference to 10 teams meant they were not allowed to host a championship game because of NCAA rules requiring conferences to have at least 12 teams divided into two divisions in order to stage a championship game.

The Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Reynolds Razorback Stadium in Fayetteville, Arkansas in In , the Big 12 Conference game between the Baylor Bears and Texas Tech Red Raiders was held at Cowboys Stadium, the first time in the series the match-up was held on a neutral site.

The game was the highest attended in the series' history, with 71, in attendance. The Jones family commissioned 18 contemporary artists to create site-specific artworks for the stadium.

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The Home Of The Rose Bowl Tickets. Featuring Interactive Seating Maps, Views From Your Seats And The Largest Inventory Of Tickets On The Web. SeatGeek Is . Details behind the second-annual Arroyo Seco festival have been revealed. The Golden Voice-owned event will take place this June 23 and 24 at the Rose Bowl in . Rose Bowl Stadium seating guide UCLA Arroyo Seco Weekend Rose Bowl Games R.G. Canning Rosebowl Flea Market Pasadena Convention Visitor Bureau .