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I've tried buying clothes on Amazon before.

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Fact: When consumers purchase online, they tend to buy more. Shopping journeys concluding in online purchases have baskets that are 25% larger, on average. When someone first visits a physical store and then purchases online, the effect is even more pronounced: Baskets are 64% larger.
Online shopping for womens clothing online in India. Womens fashion wear available at your favourite online shopping destination - Tata CLiQ. Get free shipping & EMI options on all orders!
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Online shopping for womens clothing online in India. Womens fashion wear available at your favourite online shopping destination - Tata CLiQ. Get free shipping & EMI options on all orders!

It would be too funny if now we get groceries and clothes strictly online: Not exclusively, but we are purchasing more and more online all the time. Prime and most other companies offering free shipping are making it easier to do so. My cousin and I just spoke about Amazon clothes shopping yesterday. He already knows the size he wants and he can just have it shipped to his house.

We need a picture of the full Amazon outfit! I have shirts that I absolutely love, and have been considering buying doubles of them so I can cycle through and do laundry every 10 days. I might jump on board with this since I know they fit and I love them. The second you find something you love you should totally buy double!! Next up is another pair of Sauconys! The key here is to buy your clothes before you need them.

This system has worked very well for me over the years…. And that means I score pants and shirts for. Never buy clothes on lines.. I have to touch them and try them on to see if I really want them. It has helped my budget and I have moved on to another store for my go to! Eddie Bauer outlet off season. I get shirts for 5 bucks, I have purchased 2 jackets for less than 50 dollars and many sweatshirts for less than 20 bucks.

They are just about the only place that consistently has tall sizes. I can usually get something decent online as opposed to brick and mortar which have 2 choices in the whole store for me. I know if I buy Nike I need a 15 and pretty much everything else a 14 is fine. I think you found your next business idea right there: I keep replacing old shoes that fit well with the same model. I hate shopping too! Even buying food feels like a horrible inconvenience.

But clothes are the worse! I would love to just order things online, but the reality is even in person, if I try 10 items on, only 1 will fit right. I mostly blame my 6 foot tall, slender frame. Jim Want from WalletHacks. A while back my wife signed up for a Banana Republic credit card. I even accept bitcoin and ethereum. We started buying clothes online as well. Amazon has free returns on a lot of them. I think buying clothes online is going to be the norm soon. Retailers are already hurting lately and as more stores close down people will take advantage of the internet for their wardrobes.

However I like to try on my clothes before I buy them. Buying online will result in a lot of returns. I have bought clothes online for years.

As I got older and busier, convenience became more important than hunting down the biggest bargain. I drove to the store, picked out my items and added a pair or two of underpants. I waited in line, presented my coupon, and was told it was not good on the half price items. What about the full priced underpants? No, not on that brand. I did end up buying 3 bras because the price was still good. But next time, I will save my gas and my time, and if I pay a few bucks more, so be it.

I am in FULL agreement that convenience is much better than a few savings in this current phase… And yet another thing managing your money well gets you! I recently started buying clothes from wish.

Another thing I do is give Amazon reviews in exchange for free merchandise. Lately, though, Ive been short on time. Haha no, you have to give nice reviews. They tend to get mad if you give shitty ones. I have no problem fibbing for some free stuff. Maybe I have no soul. Thats all I wear.

Some are for Life. Expensive but last a long time. I buy nearly everything online, I even get my groceries delivered. I buy clothes online too, but I buy only thrifted and second hand clothes. My best sources are eBay and thredUP. Free shipping and free returns read the deets. I found some excellent scores from that site, amazing condition. I mostly wear clothes from the thrift store because they cost about half as much as retail.

Shopping online for clothes is not awesome. I shopped on zulily for a long time. Lots of good deals! Like the time I bought designer clothes a few years later resold on Thred Up for a profit. But then there were a few epic fails. Then the opposite happened and I decided no more. Now I only by brands I know and like. The best thing I ever did was go to a Nordstrom personal shopper a few times.

Now I know what looks great on me and I just reorder online when I want another color. And the clothes last longer. I also discovered I hate trying on clothes!!! So I may shop in store but order online. And the three cheap shirts when I tire of them? Off to the land-fill. Second-hand is not a solution to every need. I am allllll for used clothes and will start looking more on Ebay now and others too, due to all you smarty people here sharing ideas: So I hear you!!

For years, I would just buy the same pair of non-Chuck Taylor converse shoes White with blue chevrons. As you said in the post, it was easy because I already liked them and already knew they fit.

So I had to bite the bullet and, gasp, find something new. I want to try those Chuck converses soooo bad! I too, am frugal and want the best possible deal — I do buy things online too. Local retailers may offer you the same deal if you ask; or often have frequent shopper discounts. Shopping local helps keep money in your neighborhood, community, and keeps cities and towns vibrant and healthy.

It really does help. I can be better about this, but I DO do my best to eat local and shop local especially in my hometown. Usually it costs a little more at least in my experience, but totally worth supporting the community for sure. I gotta be better about it though. I will shop for groceries, though, picking my own food is a high priority. We vote with our dollars, right? FAF has a pair of jeans that look very similar to yours!

His 5 year-old jeans got ripped at the bottom, and he tried to mend it. I've tried buying clothes on Amazon before. I got 2 dresses that I really liked and that fit me well. It's so far for me to buy clothes online because most of the time the clothes don't fit well. I need to drag myself to the stores to try on what I think looks nice. Online clothes shopping can be wonderful. Returns are always accepted. I still get the majority of my clothes from TJ Maxx though. Easily replicable items — camisoles, etc — come from Amazon.

Things where fit is more important usually come from a store I enter. Wholesalers set up booths with their clothing options, and you can place orders for the items that you like. Check the calendar for apparel or fashion trade shows taking place in your area that you can attend. Search for overseas wholesalers for lower prices. For example, there are a wide variety of wholesale clothing companies in China where you may be able to get a good deal.

Search engines such as GlobalSources. It may be easier to use written communication to talk to your contacts because you can use translation software to help you. Set up a Skype account to communicate with wholesalers.

Whether you're dealing with overseas wholesalers or domestic options that are located across the country, a Skype account allows for face to face communication. This can often help improve your business relationships, which can help with future purchases. Shop at closeout companies if you don't have a wholesale license. You can often purchase clothing at wholesale prices from closeout companies, which typically sell stock that manufacturers are looking to get rid of at greatly reduced prices.

You may have a local closeout company warehouse that you can shop at in person, but there are a variety of online closeout companies as well. Study the sales and return policies. Buy ahead of time. Buy summer clothing in fall, winter, or spring.

Choose a variety of styles. Determine the wholesaler's sizing information. Consider quality and price. Very inexpensive items may not be good quality, which can leave you with unhappy customers. Purchase only what you need. Buy only the amount of clothing that you expect to sell to avoid having unsold inventory.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Consider setting up a store on a site like eBay or Etsy to get some experience before starting your own webstore.

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