20 Of The Very Best Single And Double Monk Strap Shoes

The gambit double monk abandons the use laces in favor of a versatile style in Handcrafted in Europe · Running Shoe Comfort · Free Shipping · Ridiculously Comfortable.

One of the downsides to these shoes are that they tend to be a little heavy at 1 pound, though it is not enough to affect how you walk. Keep this in mind if you live in a climate that is prone to harsh conditions.

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The gambit double monk abandons the use laces in favor of a versatile style in Handcrafted in Europe · Running Shoe Comfort · Free Shipping · Ridiculously Comfortable.
The History of the Double Monk Strap. Although popular today, few people realize how deep of a history the monk strap shoe really has. We are talking centuries here.

The gambit double monk abandons the use laces in favor of a versatile style in Handcrafted in Europe · Running Shoe Comfort · Free Shipping · Ridiculously Comfortable.

These shoes fit true to size, and many buyers agree that these shoes are extraordinarily comfortable with a deep rich color that is striking against many different colors of pants. Both shoes feature a mid-high arch and a matte finish that is subtle when worn but looks as good as a shiny finish.

The leather insole is perhaps not the most comfortable, but supplying your own insoles will make breaking in these classy shoes so much easier. Do you want a shoe that is simple in design, but also has a little decoration to really stand out? The ECCO Illinois double monk strap shoe is a perfect example of a shoe that does a lot without being too flashy.

It features a large leather strap held on by two silver buckles, and a decorative trim around the toe and the sides that accents the shape of the shoe without detracting from your outfit.

This model of shoe comes in a warm brown walnut color, or a traditional black to complement any outfit flawlessly. The inner lining is leather like the exterior, and while this does have a tendency to trap in heat and moisture, wearing socks should help minimize the end of day foot odor that is attributed to many leather dress shoes.

Use the monk straps to adjust how the shoe fits around your foot; for example, loosening them can allow for more room if you have high arches. Available in a medium width from a size Wingtip shoes are a class above your standard dress shoe because of the intricate designs and the carefully placed stitching. These shoes both look good and feel good, and add a little extra to the shoe without being overbearing.

These Florsheim shoes do just that, and in the ever popular brown leather color, they are sure to be a hit with pretty much any color suit or pant you decide to wear. These shoes feature a monk strap, a way of adjusting how tight your dress shoes are without needing laces.

This is a classy as well as convenient attachment that expedites the process of putting on a shoe. The wingtip design with the additional small decorations serve to break up the brushed leather and add a conversation piece to your feet.

Of course, with great design comes a few flaws, and for this shoe, comfort is a big sticking point for a few buyers. There is very little if any padding in the insole, but purchasing a separate insole for these shoes should solve that problem right away. Perhaps it is due to years and years of experience in the field that makes a shoe pleasurable to wear. The George Cleverley line of shoes is a testament to those years of professional shoe making, and the Thomas dual monk strap shoe is just one of many shoes to catch the eye of many highly-esteemed individuals.

This shoe features a solid black finish with striking silver buckles, and a cap toe that draws viewers into the rest of the shoe. The dual monk strap is comfortable and blends seamlessly into the rest of the shoe, providing a classical look that can only be achieved with quality shoe makers. These shoes are sure to last you through many years, especially if you only wear them occasionally.

They are comfortable, and make a great work shoe as well. Perfect for formal occasions, business engagements, or as part of your everyday look. Available in US sizes 7 to 13, with half sizes available. Hush Puppies are one of the bigger names for shoe manufacturers, and are well known for making comfortable shoes at reasonable prices. These Ardent Parkview shoes feature an all leather design that is made to be flexible according to how you walk. The sheepskin interior is also a comfortable addition to these shoes, while not adding too much weight or thickness to the inside.

A foam foot-bed sits at the bottom of the shoes provides the superior support and comfort for which Hush Puppies is known. What really stands out with these shoes is the monk strap, a functional design choice that allows you to loosen or tighten the top of the shoe according to your needs. These shoes are simple in construction, but are designed to last through many wears. The leather is tough and durable, while also being flexible enough to grow into.

The leather is also a matte black, which is ideal for most business-formal occasions, such as work or a night out. One of the downsides to these shoes are that they tend to be a little heavy at 1 pound, though it is not enough to affect how you walk.

They will take some time to break in, but because they are leather, once you have done so they will be a quality shoe for months, even years. Plain colored dress shoes are nice, but having a textured color to your leather shoes is even nicer, and that is exactly what Magnanni has done with their Marco strap loafers.

The tasteful stitching on the sides and around the buckle further improve the design, and create a very aesthetically pleasing piece of footwear that is a joy to wear. The handsome silver buckle is equally functional and stylish, and pulls the shoe together very nicely. These shoes go well with most pant and suit combinations.

In terms of fit, these shoes have an elongated toe, and a higher heel and ankle piece that may or may not cause some problems depending on the fit. They do run a little large as well, so purchasing the next half-size down should result in a closer fit.

These shoes come in a wide range of sizes, from a 7. The biggest complaint with these shoes is that breaking them in is a little tough, and may take several weeks. Wearing with thicker socks will make this process faster, but they still do need plenty of time to stretch. The toe is also decorated with numerous small perforations for a little extra something to draw the attention of unseen admirers. These shoes are a bit difficult to break in, and require plenty of time to get them where you need them to be.

Other than the first few wears, after you get these shoes broken in, they are a dream to wear around and are incredibly stylish to boot. These shoes are only available in medium width, and because they are already rather narrow shoes, they would not be good for people with wide feet. This particular shoe of theirs features an elegant flow from toe to heel, and in its simplicity, there is beauty.

The finish carries a slight shine, though it is not overwhelming at all. Both the black and the brown colors are gorgeous, and will accent a suit or casual outfit nicely. Day or night, these shoes work with whatever you want to put them through. Many customers say that this product fits true to size, but there are some outliers that say that these shoes actually fit a bit bigger than what they say.

Your best bet will be to order your size and see how it feels and exercise the return policy if necessary. These Massimo shoes are available in sizes 7 to These shoes are supposed to be multipurpose; ideal for life at work, but also so that you can look good on the commute to and from such as on a bicycle.

These shoes certainly deliver on that front, with a handsome leather upper and a thick leather sole that looks great and feels good to wear. The dual monk strap is beautifully crafted and stitched, and the metal buckles shine handsomely against the leather exterior.

There is also no option for a wide fit, though these shoes are not tapered in any way. Like the manufacturer intended, these are also suitable for casual cycling within the city as well. Comfortable, easy to wear, and stylish to boot, these shoes are definitely for the city man. The single piece leather upper is tinted to give you that signature oxford look, with perforations along the changing colors to further sell the illusion.

Color choices aside, this shoe features a dual monk strap and a leather interior and sole that brings class to this handsome shoe. Be aware when buying that this shoe does run a little large, so be sure to order the next size down to ensure a perfect fit. This shoe is available in half-sizes as well, so if going down a full size is too small, a half-size should make it fit better.

Unfortunately, it is also only available in a medium width. These dress shoes feature a single monk strap style and sparkling deep blue leather, a handsome pairing that is sure to complement your outfit nicely. This shoe gets its remarkable shine by using Spazzolato leather, a specially treated calf leather that is designed to bring out that high gloss look, while also being durable and waterproof. These shoes are the epitome of Italian style, ideal for any man looking to subtly spice up his wardrobe.

What makes these shoes even more remarkable is the slight detailing of the stitches across the toe and around the buckle. This stitching breaks up the aggressive shine of the shoe into parts, which is very appealing on the eyes. The very deep blue leather looks almost black, but it is not recommended that you wear these shoes with a black suit.

However, you can wear them with most other colors of pants to accent the dark blue color, such as a gray or light blue pant. As for the fit, these Prada shoes fit true to size, and with the quality craftsmanship, they are guaranteed to last for a good, long while. Color plays a key role into what you wear and how well it will look on you. The double monk strap comes in a variety of colors that really heighten its appearance. Coupled with the material of the shoe which will be outlined below you can create a look that can stand the test of time:.

There really are only two types of material I would recommend for the double monk strap shoes and they are the following:. Leather — Ultimately my top choice for the double monk strap.

There is nothing quite like a pair of shoes showing those subtle lines of age as the years go by. Suede — My second recommendation to consider purchasing is the suede double monk straps shoes. Although still considered leather, primarily made from the underlying skin of lamb, they should be listed under a different category.

One thing to watch out for with suede shoes is their durability. Suede shoes shoe blemishes and absorb liquid very easily. Keep this in mind if you live in a climate that is prone to harsh conditions. Like I have already mentioned, you can pretty much wear the double monk strap shoe in any environment. Wear socks if you are going to be in a more formal setting, especially if you work in the corporate world, meeting with clients or attending a gala event.

Stick with black socks if wearing black monk straps and charcoal or grey when wearing brown and oxblood. Beside the black version, wearing no socks works well with the double monk strapped shoes in casual environments.

The only thing you have to ensure is you have a slight break at the end of your pants. When walking this will give a slight hint of your sockless sell and will not look out of line when you are sitting.

When it comes to the black suit, only consider leather black double monk straps as any other color will not mesh well and suede will take away from the formality of black. For charcoal and grey, a brown shade is ideal. Leather is still the acceptable form of material to be worn but suede is an acceptable alternative. Finally the navy blue suit works well with brown, burgundy and oxblood colors. Pair these with a matching watch strap and belt and you are on your way to looking sharp. As far as the finish is concerned, look for something that is shiny to help your shoes stand out.

Remember when I mentioned how the double monk straps of yesteryear had a hard time of fitting in to formal or casual settings? Well, make no mistake that these shoes were in both instances and right in the middle, which is business casual.

Feel like going out with some friends and not in the mood to completely dress up, yet still want to stand out from the crowd? Wearing some double monk straps along with these casual combinations will make this a reality for you:.

Free shipping on men's monk-strap and double monk-strap shoes at distrib-wjmx2fn9.ga Shop the latest styles from the best brands. Totally free shipping & returns. Double monk strap with metal buckle closure. Stacy Adams Men's Dinsmore Plain Toe Monk Strap Slip-On Loafer. by Stacy Adams. $ - $ $ 64 $ 95 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Some sizes/colors are Prime eligible. out of 5 stars Single vs Double Monk Strap Construction. Defined by the single broad strap that closes across the instep and fastens using a saddle buckle on the outside, the only difference between a single and double monk strap is the number of straps used to fasten the shoe to the wearer’s foot.